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Healing Pain Through The Arts -

"Youth Speak Out" Podcast

We provide a platform for OUR youth to have an expressive voice regarding social issues that pertain to them, or about whatever they have on their hearts and minds to share.


If youth are interested in being a guest, or sharing their story, please email us at youthspeakoutpodcast

Christian Buckmire, Andrew Buckmire & Emmanuel Lyons aka Saint Even discuss Peer Pressure on our Education/College Episode
Andrew Buckmire, Ashton Gates & Emmanuel Lyons aka Saint Even discuss Depression & Suicide among Youth on our Mental Health Episode
Emmanuel Lyons aka Saint Even & Andrew Buckmire discuss Fun Childhood Church Experiences on our Youth In The Church Episode
Join the conversation with OUR Youth, as they discuss how COVID-19 and the Stay Home World Pandemic has affected them personally. Let's hear what they have to say. Please Share & Subscribe! #COVID19 #Pandemic #StayHome #YouthSpeakOut #Podcast #OUR #Youth #Outstanding #Unique #Refined #ItTakesAVillage #VoiceOfOURYouth #SupportChallenge2020 #TogetherWeAreBetter #2020Vision
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